Woollen Blanket Colour

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Brief Description

Mainly Woollen Product is the textile fiber, yarn obtained from sheep and certain other animals, including cashmere from goats, mohair from goats, angora from rabbits, and other types of wool from camelids. Basically, our woolen shawl is made from acrylic and cotton.

Woollen Shawls are used in order to keep warm, to complement a costume, and for symbolic reasons. Today, shawls are worn for added warmth (and fashion) at outdoor or indoor evening affairs.

Since, seven years, we are manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and exporting the handmade Woolen Products from Nepal. Our Products is design with Innovative-art-of-design with highest qualities. Secondly, all our products are prepared by the communities from minorities and under privileged Nepal. From the beginning, we have never compromise on our products. Due to our unbelievable services and uncompared qualities, our satisfied customers and demands are increasing each day.


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